Homebrew Helper – ALPHA

Chat with the Homebrew Helper!

This is an experimental chatbot – it will get better over time.

See what it can do right now.

What it can do at the moment

Currently, the chatbot can help you with these tasks:

Make conversions

You can make several conversions. For example, you can type things like:

  • convert gravity
  • convert 8 brix
  • 10 kg in lbs
  • what’s 12 C in F
  • convert 5 gallons in liters
  • Adjust gravity measure for temperature

Help with your own home brew

You can get help with specific questions about your own home brew. For example, you can type things like:

  • identify an off flavor
  • why does my beer taste like cardboard
  • calculate relative bitterness
  • help me reach my target gravity
  • will I need to add dme

Information on beer styles

You can ask for information about official beer styles. For example, you can type things like:

  • describe munich helles
  • what’s the target gravity for a quadrupel
  • how many IBUS in an american lager
  • what is the color of an altbier
  • typical ingredients of a witbier
  • commercial examples of american barleywine

General questions

You can ask some general questions on beer and home brewing. The set of questions that have an answer is limited so far, but it’s growing! For example, you can type things like:

  • how is beer made
  • what is attenuation
  • how are sugars extracted from grain
  • what’s a good fermentation temperature