NEIPA – Days of haze

Français Days of Haze is a Northeast-style IPA (NEIPA), quite opaque, fruity and juicy. General IDEA For this beer, I wanted to make a NEIPA-style IPA: a pale beer, without caramel malt, with a delicate bitterness and an explosion of hops. I wanted the beer to be dry, well attenuated, and very hop-forward. I wanted […]

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Homebrewing calculators

Français Here are some useful calculators: Alcohol by volume Relative bitterness Hydrometre-refractometer conversion Alcohol by volume Use these calculators to estimate alcohol content. Alcohol by volume: simplified calculation Use this simplified calculator to estimate the alcohol level. Alcohol by volume: alternative calculation for high gravity beers Higher alcohol levels slightly distort hydrometer readings. Use this […]

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How to design a homebrew recipe

Français At the crossroads of art and technique, brewing is a real work of craft. I’s in designing recipes that the truly creative part of the brewing process lies. The brewing itself is a series of processes that to materialize  the vision that inspired the recipe. Here’s a summary of the steps I  take to […]

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Bohemian pilsner

Français A classic Czech pilsner: dry, very bitter, with floral hints of Saaz and the slightly sweet contribution of Pilsner malt. GENERAL IDEA I wanted to make a representative example of the Bohemian Pilsner style. RECIPE Here is the exact recipe I used for a 6-gallon (22.7 L) batch. The exact amounts vary depending on […]

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