Homebrewing calculators


Here are some useful calculators:

Alcohol by volume

Use these calculators to estimate alcohol content.

Alcohol by volume: simplified calculation

Use this simplified calculator to estimate the alcohol level.

Alcohol by volume: alternative calculation for high gravity beers

Higher alcohol levels slightly distort hydrometer readings. Use this alternative calculation for high-gravity beers.

Relative bitterness

Use this calculator to calculate your beer’s relative bitterness. It compares IBU level with original grabity. Enter your final density for a calculation that takes into account the level of attenuation.

Note : concept and calculations for taking attenuation have been developed by the Mad Alchemist.  I merely included it in this calculator.

As an indication, here is an image of bitterness ratios by style. Unfortunately, I can’t trace the source (my apologies to the person who made this graph):


Hydrometer-Refractometer conversion

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